The Travails of a Staunch APC Supporter, Hajia Kudirat Issa

The Travails of a Staunch APC Supporter, Hajia Kudirat Issa

By- Aregbesola Glory

On today’s episode of forgotten Heroines, we shall be illuminating the Travails of a Staunch APC Supporter, Hajia Kudirat Issa.

The year 2018 was a turning point in the life of Hajia Kudirat Issa.

It was a bright Monday morning in the Month of May.

She woke up to the chirping of the birds.

She said her prayers, did her chores and headed to work.

At the office, she noticed her staff were speaking in hush tones.

Some looked at her with pity while others had anxiety written all over their faces.

She relates well to her staff.

This earned her the love and respect of everyone.

Her staff already had an idea of her fate.

Hence, their sad reaction that faithful morning.

The gloomy look on their faces gave her a premonition that all was not well.

Getting to her office and settling in for the day, the bombshell was thrown at her.

Boom, she had been sacked!

Sacked based on “Anti Party Activities”.


Her head began to spin.

Tears trickled down her eyes.

All her years of hard work and dedication had gone down the drain.

Within a twinkle on an eye, her whole world came crumbling down.

Her only offence was sticking to her beliefs and principles.

Loyalty to her party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) took away her career.

She chose to support the cause she believed in but had to sacrifice her budding career.

Being an Education Secretary is a big deal in this climes.

But she lost it all.

She was disappointed, devastated and dejected but she stuck to her principles.

Despite being at the lowest point in her life, she gave her all to her party, APC.

She worked round the clock for the success of her party.

She was on the side of the masses that wanted the collapse of the old order in Kwara.

At last, here comes the victory!

But where is this beautiful heroine who sacrificed all she had on the altar of loyalty?

She has been forgotten!

She lost her job to the struggle.

She lost her husband.

She lost her source of livelihood.

Who will give her a shoulder to cry on?

Who will revive her source of livelihood?

Who will take care of her children?

Who will save this forgotten heroine from a life of pain, suffering and regrets?

Her future is bleak and blurred.

She is hardworking, resourceful and brilliant.

But her potentials are wasting away.

Loyalty pays they say, but in her case, loyalty is “pain”.

These are the Travails of a Staunch APC Supporter, Hajia Kudirat Issa.

Someone should please come to her rescue.

I implore the Executive Governor of Kwara State, His Excellency, AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman to look into Hajia Kudirat Issa’s case and give her a new lease of life.

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