A Poor Widow and Her Destiny Helper - Sen. Lola Ashiru

A Poor Widow and Her Destiny Helper, Sen. Lola Ashiru

This is the tale of a poor widow, Aishat Raji and her destiny helper, Sen. Lola Ashiru.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this heart-melting story.

It was a sunny day in the beautiful town of Offa.

A poor homeless widow, Aishat Raji sat in front of a ragtag building.

She looked dejected and forlorn.

She gazed into the sky and cried out for a miracle.

Suddenly there was a commotion in her neighbourhood.

She wondered the cause of the commotion.

A large crowd began to gather.

She squinted her frail eyes to get a glimpse of the source of the commotion.

Alas, it was Sen. Lola Ashiru.

She had never met him.

But she recognized him from a poster she came across some months back.

She didn’t move an inch from where she sat.

She continued to gaze on absent-minded.

Sen. Ashiru noticed Aishat.

He was in that neighbourhood to check on some constituency projects.

He was curious as to why she sat looking dejected and forlorn.

He inquired about her and was told a heart-shattering story.

Ten years ago, there was a fire outbreak in Aishat’s home.

Her sick husband died in the inferno.

She lost all she had to the inferno.

She lost her reason for living.

She harboured suicidal thoughts.

But a kind neighbour rescued her.

She was given a small room to occupy.

But she lived with pain in her heart.

For ten years, she lived at the mercy of others.

She suffered from pervasive poverty.

Aishat’s story is pathetic indeed!

Sen. Ashiru’s visit to her neighbourhood marked a turning point in Aishat’s life.

He contracted an engineer to construct a 2 bedroom apartment for Aishat.

Her joy knew no bounds when she received the keys to her apartment.

The apartment was furnished to her taste.

It was just like a dream to Aishat.

She asked herself how someone could be so kind?

What she doesn’t know is that Sen. Ashiru has always been a kind man.

He is one of the few Legislators with a penchant for helping the needy.

We have had Legislators who care less about their constituents.

We have had Legislators who never made an impact.

We have had legislators who siphon money meant for constituency projects.

But a humane legislator like Sen. Ashiru is rare.

He is kind, compassionate and proactive.

He has his flaws like every human.

But his good side outweighs his flaws.

This quintessential man representing Kwara South Senatorial District at the Upper Chamber of the National

Assembly, Sen. Lola Ashiru has distinguished himself as a good Legislator.

He is a perfect fit for the position he currently occupies as he is raising the bar of quality representation in Kwara South.

I pray he succeeds.

A poor widow and her destiny helper, Sen. Ashiru
Aishat in her new house
A Poor Widow and Her Destiny Helper - Sen. Lola Ashiru
Sen. Ashiru flanked by the Chief Imam of Offa and others, giving Aishat the keys to her new house.
The new apartment build by Sen. Lola Ashiru for Ayisat
Aishat’s new 2 bedroom apartment.

“ Wherever you find yourself, leave an imprint that will be remembered after you are long gone”.

Aregbesola Glory writes from Ilorin.

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