AbdulRazaq, Undeterred By Criticisms

A Kettle of Hawks and the Mother Hen, AbdulRazaq

This is the tale of a kettle of Hawks (Treasury Looters) and the Mother Hen (Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq).

There is a land called Kwara.

The land has been truly blessed by nature.

Her soils are fertile.

There are hidden treasures beneath the land.

Her citizens are ingenious.

Her youths are hardworking.

Everyone lives in peace and harmony.

Then boom, there was an invasion!

Kwara was invaded by a kettle of hawks.

This invasion changed her fortune.

The hawks spread their tentacles across the land.

They ravaged everything in their path.

The once flourishing land became desolate.

Her inhabitants became impoverished.

Hooliganism increased.

The peace of the land became threatened.

Day and night, the hawks hover around looking for chicks to devour.

All hope was lost.

One day, the inhabitants of the land rose to challenge the hawks.

They have had enough of the reign of terror.

It is time to take the bull by the horn.

Battle ensued.

The battle was fierce.

The hawks were stronger than the people because they fed fat on the chicks in the land.

But they lost in the end.

Their overconfidence for victory was their undoing.

Inhabitants of the land fought in unison.

Hence, their victory.

Having defeated the hawks,

The people chose a leader from amongst themselves.

They settled for AbdulRahman because he led the war that brought peace to the land.

AbdulRahman is a man of timber and calibre.

He is an honest and upright man.

He is well inclined on the intricacies of governance.

He earned the people’s trust because of his ability to protect the chicks in the land.

He is like a mother hen whose chicks cannot be stolen by the hawks.

AbdulRahman carried out his duties with dexterity.

He set a goal for himself.

He worked tirelessly towards making the land a better place.

But there was a problem.

The hawks had already possessed some people with the spirit of looting.

They continued looting the patrimony of the land.

They were crafty and threaded with caution to avoid being caught.

Little did they know that the mother-hen (AbdulRahman) was watching.

He knew their antics but kept quiet.

He wanted to catch them unawares.

An opportunity finally presented itself.

The treasury looters lose their guard and they were caught.

They were handed over to those saddled with the responsibility of punishing thieves (EFCC).

They were publicly disgraced to act as deterrents to others.

The mother-hen has covered the treasury of the land with her wings.

Anyone who dares to come close will witness her fierceness.

The land of Kwara has finally regained her lost glory.

Her people are flourishing.

And her chicks (treasury) are under protection.

The glory goes to the mother-hen (AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq).

The Executive Governor of Kwara State, His Excellency, Alh. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is redefining governance in the state. 

He is committed to bringing governance closer to the people.

Let’s throw our weight behind him for the progress of Kwara State.

Aregbesola Glory Writes from Ilorin, Kwara State.

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