Sheriff Shagaya: When Giving Becomes a Habit

Sheriff Shagaya: Celebrating an Icon @40

On this day 40 years ago, an Icon (Sheriff Shagaya) was born.

Sheriff Shagaya is my friend, brother and boss. He is someone I hold in high esteem because of his love for humanity.

Working with Sheriff has been a wonderful experience for me. When he shared the idea of starting a foundation, Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF) with me back in 2014, I was elated because the gesture is unprecedented in the history of Kwara State.

For the past six years, the Salman Shagaya Foundation has raised the bar of service to humanity. Through SSF, a lot of youths have been gainfully employed, a lot of families have been lifted out of poverty and Kwara Communities have been lightened up through the SSF Solar Project. This is all thanks to the foresight and magnanimity of Sheriff Shagaya.

Sheriff Shagaya: Celebrating an Icon @40
Sheriff Shagaya

My six-years working experience as the DG, Salman Shagaya Foundation has exposed me to a new world of realities that I never imagined existed. The journey has been rough and the weather turbulent, but we give thanks to almighty Allah for bringing us thus far.

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Sheriff is an embodiment of humility. He treats everyone with respect irrespective of their societal status. He places the interest of others at the fore even when it’s not convenient to do so. He is calm, coordinated and calculative. He deftly handles daunting tasks admirably. He is a goal-getter and does not undertake ventures that he cannot complete. Even when the chips are down, he goes out of his way to make positive impacts in the life of those around him. Sheriff is a cerebral person and he pays great attention to details.

I have gone places, I have met people, but I have not met someone as Humble, Humane and Honourable as Sheriff Shagaya. Sometimes I wonder how someone could be so flawless.

He respects his family, he treats his staff nicely, he is honest with his business partners and he sees to the welfare of the poor. Sheriff is an Icon.

As you clock 40 today, may your life be colourful, may the glory of almighty Allah radiate over your life and may you live to witness many more fruitful years. Continue to flourish and prosper.

On behalf of members of the Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF), I want to wish an Icon @40, Sheriff Shagaya a Happy Birthday.

Muftau Akanbi Oke

DG, Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF)

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