Opinion: Stealing From The Shrine; The NDDC Story

Opinion: Stealing From The Shrine; The NDDC Story

SpiceyGist Wednesday musings with TOFAD.

Obviously, the only business of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) over the years is fraud.

Those who have been given opportunities to run the NDDC use the commission as a conduit pipe to siphon money, thereby, leaving the Niger Delta region in the doldrums.

The interesting thing and peculiarity of that place is that no one outside the Niger Delta region has been given an opportunity to head both the Ministry of Niger Delta and NDDC from inception.

Those who are supposed to be on the vanguard to rescue the region from scourges of poverty, underdevelopment and environmental disaster are the same set of the people conniving and conspiring to steal what actually belongs to their kinsmen.

What a betrayal of trust! It’s sad and terribly unimaginable.

How people steal this type of money and go to sleep is baffling.

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The accusation of the North marginalizing the South is what I always find difficult to believe and accept.

Go to war-ravaged North-East and see the wonders Prof. Zulum and others are doing with the funds of reconstruction.

If it were to be South, I am sure some of the leaders would have found a means to convert that money for personal use.

Stealing is actually happening everywhere in Nigeria but the Southerners don’t actually know where to steal and where not to steal.

They are practically doing competition of stealing.

If you doubt me, check the pictures of the University of Maiduguri before the insurgency and this time.

My brothers from the south, please, I beg you in the name of God and the religions of your forefathers, know what to steal and not what to steal.

Comrade Tunde Fadipe (TOFAD)

Public Analyst,

Kwara State.

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