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Oloriewe Raheem Adedoyin: A Veteran News Merchant @59

By – Tunde Fadipe

Oloriewe is a veteran News merchant, astute politician and successful community servant. It has become an annual ritual for me to wish him the “usual happy birthday” and each time I want to do that, I run into troubles finding the appropriate expression to describe him.

Oloriewe Raheem Adedoyin is a complete humanist with an in-born egalitarian philosophy. He’s a passionate talent hunter and young people’s manager, no wonder the title of Oloriewe by his kinsmen.

The title “Oloriewe” that Alh. Raheem Adedoyin passionately wears on his neck is a huge responsibility and he has never disappoints on this beautiful title he inherited from his father.

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Baba awa boys, I really don’t know how you are able to manage the volume of young committed loyalists flocking your home and office. You have become one of the major stabilisers in our political space.

You will always emphasize that disagreement is normal but we need to find a common ground to remain together for the sake of our dear state.

You are a blessing to us and we are eternally grateful to God for your life. May you have a renewed strength to continue the good works you are doing as you turn 59 years young (Oloriewe can never be old).

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Still on Oloriewe Raheem Adedoyin 59 Hearty Cheers to a Worthy Boss, Raheem Adedoyin

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