Insecurity: Who Will Save Nigeria From The Looming Danger?

Insecurity: Who Will Save Nigeria From The Looming Danger?

Nigeria is a nation flowing with milk and honey.

The nation is blessed with bountiful resources.

Her citizens are highly industrious.

The Nation is a giant in her own right;

But insecurity is the bane of the nation.

Danger is Looming, the nation is silent.

Everywhere you turn to, people are dying.

Insecurity has taken over the nation.

Terrorists in the North strike with brutality.

Terrorists in the South maim without mercy.

Kidnapping is rife in the nation.

Torrents of terrorists are making forays into the nation.

The nation’s territorial integrity is threatened.

Insecurity: Who Will Save Nigeria From The Looming Danger?
Nigerian Coat of Arm

Terrorists are getting preferential treatments over their victims;

They are given amnesty despite causing mayhem to the nation.

The leadership calls them repentant terrorists;

But their evil deeds will be remembered till the end of time.

Is the nation safe from these repentant terrorists?

Time will tell.

What will be the fate of those who have been displaced by these terrorists?

Will they continue to live in penury while their attackers live comfortably?

Who will give justice to those who were brutally murdered?

Why is the nation’s leadership silent about insecurity?

The nation’s military is underequipped;

Her gallant soldiers are maimed in cold blood;

The chips are down;

Morale is low;

There is imminent danger.

More terrorist groups are planning to infiltrate the Southern part of the nation.

Once the nation has been surrounded by terrorists on all fronts;

The nation will bleed profusely;

Then, the death of the nation’s fallen heroes will be for nought.

Who will save the nation from these fearless, brutal and devilish men?

The leadership promises to rejig the nation’s security apparatus;

Will it pay lip-service to the promise?

Or, will it walk the talk to avert the looming danger?

Time is ticking.

The nation is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

Who will save the nation from the looming danger?

Glory Aregbesola


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Insecurity: Who Will Save Nigeria From The Looming Danger?

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