OPINION: When Saraki Finally Returns?

OPINION: When Saraki Finally Returns?

By – Tunde Fadipe

Rumours abound that the defeated leader of Kwara politics, Sen. Bukola Saraki, plans to return to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

No matter how strange and funny this may sound, the reality is that it could be true.

For a politician like Bukola Saraki, national politics is a must. In national politics, there’s milk, honey and influence to cover the past errors and misdemeanours. This is an opportunity to keep afloat and remain safe. If this is correct, then, Saraki may be on his way back to APC.

The ruling party in Kwara State needs to be careful, Sarakites are everywhere dumping PDP and jumping into APC. The party in government should not be careless as that may be a strategy to take over the party structure. Sarakites are the most difficult group to predict. Like an old fox, killing a chicken should not be a problem.

We have also heard rumours of top members of Saraki’s group porting to APC. One of them is the former Governor of Kwara State, Abdulfatah Ahmed. While some of them have refuted the claim, Abdulfatah Ahmed has not spoken a word for or against. There’s a strong indication that Saraki is on his way to the party already.

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If he does come, what’s going to change? Nothing significant will happen because another era of leadership has been birthed in Kwara State. The achievements and current national ratings of Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq will not allow any change of dynamics of the political game in Kwara State. The era of Saraki’s kind of politics is permanently over in Kwara. The O to ge revolution has brought a type of change that the masses can not throw away anymore.

Those who are dancing around the town that the coming of Saraki will change Kwara’s political matrix should go and have a re-think. Nobody will leave the party for the Sarakites as we did in 2014. We may end up having a one-party state because no one will leave the party for anyone.

Nothing will happen if he comes; it’s just another political exercise like his journey into PDP. The people know who they want as their leader. His coming might shake the foundation of our party though, but the tremor will not destroy the building. Rather, it will make us stronger, focussed and more united.

OPINION: When Saraki Finally Returns?
Comrade Tunde Fadipe, Public Analyst, Kwara State.

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