Oshiomhole: Edo Election and Kwara Square Play

Oshiomhole: Edo Election and Kwara Square Play

By – Tunde Fadipe

As at this moment, one of the most popular politicians in Nigeria is Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, a former Governor of Edo State and former Chairman of APC respectively.

Oshiomhole rose to power through dint of hardwork and doggedness to join the one percent of the elitist group in Nigeria. He was the Chairman of NLC and with that, became popular for his activism role, especially, against the recalcitrant government of General Olusegun Obasanjo. This was enough profile needed for him to be admitted into the caucus of the progressives headed by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and his subsequent election and litigation that made him Governor.

Oshiomhole has never been a real student of politics and never a broker in real sense. His election as the Chairman of APC was a beautiful mistake made by the leaders of our party. Under him, the party became a party of the few and Oshiomhole drifted the party away from its vision. Wrong selection and imposition of candidates became the deal. We lost Zamfara and didn’t have candidates in the governorship and other elections in many states due to his high-handedness and we could have lost more if not for the maturity of some aspirants and decisions to remain focussed for the success of PMB and the party.

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Oshiomhole became popular for taking unilateral decisions on behalf of the party. His poor judgement on salient issues cost the party a lot. However, that’s not the discussion for today. Running a workers’ union is different from piloting the affairs of a political party. In party administration, the game is a contest and it’s about interest but in workers’ union, the only game is aluta and workers’ welfare.

Oshiomhole doesn’t understand the limit of political enmity. He is an aggressive talker without a sense of limit on the campaign ground. His outburst against Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu in 2016 when the later was the Governorship candidate of the PDP was too much for electoral contest and that will seriously hurt our party in this election.

The most basic elementary training in politics is “no permanent friends and enemies in politics”. Oshiomhole goofed in this because he went outside decorum against Ize-Iyamu in the last election just because of differences and this has become the burden on the party, believe it or not.

This is a warning to big and small party stalwarts in Kwara state who out of selfish interests are using ugly words against the government and the leadership in Kwara State. The fight may end but your words may hurt the party and eventually kill the party in the future. We need not take politics to the extreme of destabilizing the whole process just because of personal frustration and anger.

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  1. Good reasoning and well articulated write up
    I pray those concerned will digest this with a clear mind

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