Olofa: A Monarch with Charismatic and Esteemed Personality

Olofa: A Monarch with Charismatic and Esteemed Personality

By – Abdulfatai Tomori

Regal greatness is an attribute that’s uncommonly found in our contemporary world of monarchical leadership but needed if a society of such category as Offa, must continuously make resounding progress. For Oba Mufutau Muhammed Oloyede Gbadamosi Okikiola Esuwoye II, the Olofa of Offa land, he has been observably displaying salient attributes of that qualities. Since his emergence, Olofa Gbadamosi’s depth of character and his style of rulership is outstanding, these trees of which is still bearing fruits that all can see and benefit! Although he is born into royalty and despite his impressive successes in his business career, Olofa Gbadamosi remains a grassroots man who maintains close interactions with others at family and community levels. This uniqueness which earned him the stool has been playing out, as he carves a niche for himself in the annal of Offa history. He has been demonstrating his majestic diligence, a trait of a God-fearing and well-organized personality. His ascension to the Olofa stool has raised the place of Offa among the comity of Yoruba nations. His sense of patriotism and loyalty to Offa and his people manifested in his regular mobilization of indigenes and non-indigene for civic duties, especially on issues that directly impact on the people and the development of Offa and its environs. There are few Nigerian cities that stand-out the way Offa does.

Born on August 10, 1963, to the Anilelerin Ruling House Offa, in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State. His father, Alhaji Muhammed Gbadamosi Esuwoye and, his mother Alhaja Awawu Gbadamosi Esuwoye were both from Obatiwajoye and Asalofa Compounds of Offa respectively. Until his installation, Oba Gbadamosi is an ABU-trained professional builder licensed to practice anywhere across the world. Despite his royal background, he has delved into the business world early in life. He had briefly worked with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) between 1991 and 1997. He left FHA job to establish his own business of buying and selling of rice, sugar, salt and cement, among others. Oba Oloyede Asuma Okin has been successful in his chains of business. For instance, he has been the Chairman of MB Integrated Electrical and Data Services Limited; Zarm Poultry and Feed Mill Industry and Yammfy Nigeria Limited, before he ascended the Olofa throne. Oba Gbadamosi has carved his name among Nigerian businessman. No doubt, he has brought his rich business background to the throne of his forefathers and has successfully translated the wisdom of investments into leadership.

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His rich enterprising skill and merchandise business background might have been a major factor assisting him in the running of the day-to-day activities of Offa and her people. He has successfully projected the image of his subjects as a highly industrious and enterprising people that may not necessarily depend solely on government. Olofa Esuwoye II has been an advocate of self-employment. He has been encouraging both the young and old to start and own businesses, in whatever smaller it may be. Olofa Esuwoye didn’t stop in advocating alone as he was said to have devoted his welfarist nature to emancipate less privileged. Over the years, so many people have been lifted from the proverbial gutter and given fresh hope through his various empowerment activities. He was said to have made the resource available through the provision of capital for businesses, trades and other forms of entrepreneurial engagement. Reports also have it that Oba Esuwoye II has rendered financial assistance of various sums at different times to the needy. What of his scholarship assistance to students of different categories for their academic endeavours. Oba Gbadamosi has taken his love for the downtrodden to a whole new level. No wonder, HE AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman described Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi as ‘a highly respected royal father who has proudly used his resources and networks to enhance the lots of his people.’ Those who witnessed how Oba Gbadamosi doled out palliatives worthy of millions of Naira during the stay-at-home following the menace of COVID-19 ravaging the world will attest to Gov. AbdulRazaq’s assertion.

Besides, the peace, harmony and progress witnessed in Offa and indeed Ibololand today has also testified to his acceptance by all, no surprise he was named Ilufemiiloye 1st! Of course, the credit goes to the deities who selected him among numerous princes that show interest at the time of determining who became the new Olofa in 2010. Thanks also go to the king-makers who refused to go against the wishes of the deities and unanimously accepted and supported the then Prince Mufutau Gbadamosi to ascend the throne. Undoubtedly, Oba Gbadamosi is a blessing to the people of Offa. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi as an epitome of royal luxury. Nor would it be far from the truth to ascribe to him the title of most business-savvy king in recent time. His insistence on preserving the Offa heritage and culture since ascending the throne 10years ago is superb. He has promoted the development of the town of Offa without endangering its ancient traditions. If you have ever visited the town of Offa, you will have every cause to appreciate the flamboyance, colour and strength that marked the royal parade of Oba Mufutau Okikiola Gbadamosi Esuwoye II at his sprawling palace. Oba Gbadamosi married to always glowing Olori Mistura Adesola Alake Shobaloju Gbadamosi, the one and only Erinlakatabu of our time. Queen Mistura Adesola is also an accomplished businesswoman that deals in fabrics and beverages. Her philanthropic gesture among women and children is equal to none!

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In this present day Kwara, Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi is unarguably a uniquely performing and a favourably discussed monarch. The event that leads to his birthday in the second week of August is still fresh in our mind. His palace became a beehive of activities. Guests from all walks of life; monarchs from far and near, government officials, high chiefs within the town, religion leaders, and market men and women, as well as eminent Offa sons and daughters, trooped in to pay homage to the ‘birthday boy’, the Olofa of Offa. Interreligious prayers were held to God for protection over Olofa, his members of royal home, people of Offa, Kwara and Nigeria at large. The Muslim prayers were led by Imam Muyideen Salman, Chief Imam of Offa. Earlier, around 6 a.m. of August 10, there was a surprise wake-up performance by Remmy Chanter and her ‘asatainment’ group courtesy Alhaja Maryam Bola Kamwire.

A tip from the performance shows Olofa Mufutau Gbadamosi in his full royalty. His moves were rhythmic, as he danced with royal steps to the admirer of people present. It was a wonderful cultural display from Remmy Chanter Group. The Olofa birthday celebration doesn’t end within or among Offa indigenes alone as report shows that friends and lovers of Offa across the world rolled out the best of their drums to celebrate Olofa Mufutau Esuwoye II. He truly deserves to be celebrated considering his industrious charismatic and esteemed personality. It isn’t surprised anyway, Oba Gbadamosi’s birthday is always an intriguing soiree but for COVID-19 that make it a low key. Nevertheless, music, song, laughter and various other forms of merriment witness by Oba Esuwoye II’s birthday has made this year celebration a memory one will never forget in a hurry.

Abdulfatai, an independent researcher, writer and editor can be reached through @abdulfataitomori on twitter and/or obiograph@gmail.com

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