The Unrivalled Exploits of Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF)

The Unrivalled Exploits of Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF)

By – Glory Aregbesola

The exploits of the Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF) in the spheres of humanitarianism is unrivalled in Kwara State. This is all thanks to the foresight of the brain behind the foundation, Alhaji Sheriff Shagaya.

Alhaji Sheriff Shagaya is an entrepreneur cum philanthropist par excellence from Ilorin, Kwara State.

The Bradford University graduate is doing great exploits in his field of endeavour. In 2004, Sheriff Shagaya co-founded Phoenix Energy Nigeria Ltd; in 2005, he founded Kashton Concepts Nigeria Ltd; and thereafter, established Maron Oil and Gas Ltd.

Due to sheer diligence and hard work of Sheriff Shagaya, both Kashton Concepts Nigeria Ltd and Maron Oil and Gas Ltd have become reputable players in the oil and gas downstream sector, dealing mainly with the importation and distribution of petroleum products all over the nation.

His real estate business, Kashton Homes has also recorded unprecedented successes since its establishment.

Sheriff Shagaya, a self-assured young man, is breaking barriers on all fronts and sustaining the glory of the “Shagaya Dynasty”.

As a passionate Kwaran who is in tune with his roots, Sheriff Shagaya founded the Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF) in 2014 to inspire and empower communities in order to ensure a sustainable and secured future.

Salman Shagaya Foundation is an innovative organisation working to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for communities, by facilitating public-private funded initiatives to improve the welfare of these communities.

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With efforts focused on assisting young people, associated institutions and community organisations, the foundation has been positioned to contribute to the long-term progress of Kwara State.

Salman Shagaya Foundation has consistently empowered so many youths in Kwara State, supported thousands of petty business owners with the non-refundable credit facility, given widows a new lease to life, and made life worth living for the elderly in the society.

The latest community intervention programme of the Salman Shagaya Foundation is the “4,000 Homes Solar Project”. Through this project, a lot of homes which had hitherto lost the hope of getting a stable power supply has been lightened up. 

The solar project which was executed across the 16 Local Government Areas of Kwara State has earned Sheriff Shagaya the name “Sheriff Imole”. This is because he provided light amidst darkness and the gesture will forever be remembered.

The consistency of the humanitarian exploits of the Salman Shagaya Foundation is a testament to the humane nature of Alhaji Sheriff Shagaya.

May God bless Sheriff Shagaya and give him the strength to break new grounds.

The Unrivalled Exploits of Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF)
Sheriff Shagaya, Founder, Salman Shagaya Foundation (SSF)

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