KWSG Intensifies Effort to Provide Water for Kwara Communities

KWSG Intensifies Effort to Provide Water for Kwara Communities

Kwara State Government (KWSG) has intensified its efforts in a bid to provide adequate water supply for all communities in the State, fixes Share Waterworks.

This was disclosed on Friday by Kwara State Commissioner for Water Resources, Hajia Arinola Lawal.

She said: “On Friday, I inspected the repairs currently going on in the Share Waterworks by the State Government. Recall that I visited the Waterworks a few months ago to examine the problem facing the Dam.

“During the last visit, I discovered that the Dam is been faced with a major electricity problem and without it, the Dam cannot function well.

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“Meanwhile, His Excellency, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq had released funds to carry the repair of those problems.

“It should be noted that Share waterworks in the past had about eight solar points which were supposed to serve as an alternative to electricity, unfortunately, they could not serve their purpose due to the fact that the solar installed is meant for domestic, not for municipal water consumption.

“Currently, the major repair going on now in the Waterwork is the replacement of the damaged 4.5 kilowatt pump,  conversion of one solar to 7.5 kilowatt Pump, and repair of 250 KVA Generator as an alternative to Electricity as to boost the production.

“Other major burst Includes a 6inches pipe in Infront of Christian Mission House in Tsaragi, 6inches pipe in Tsaragi in front of Emirate Association Okada rider park, 9inches pipe in Share, 3inches pipe in Olomun street in Share and 3inches pipe at Baale street Share among others.

“Before leaving the community, I and my entourage from the Ministry of Water Resources and Kwara State Water Corporation also visited two major bursts that had just been fixed by the Kwara State Government”, she said.

Share is the hometown of the immediate past Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed.

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