KWSG Unveils Health Insurance Scheme for Residents

KWSG Unveils Health Insurance Scheme for Residents

Kwara State Government under the administration of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq on Friday, September 4, 2020, unveiled a Health Insurance Scheme for residents of the state.

Speaking on the Health Insurance Scheme, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq said:

“We are starting this scheme by onboarding at least 10,000 of the extremely poor among our people. Their premiums have been fully paid. This means the health insurance is 100% free for them. We hope to expand this and capture many more vulnerable people in the coming years.

“A major agenda of this administration is to ensure that Kwara State ticks all the right boxes and achieves the SDGs by 2030. This is beyond empty slogans.

“Yesterday, we began the disbursement of Owo Isowo to 21,623 petty traders under our social investment programme. The KWASSIP (@Kwarasip), which also includes safety nets for the aged and vulnerable, seeks to end extreme poverty in our state.

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“I commend our partners for their support and the leadership and staff of the health sector in Kwara State for their hard work. I specifically commend the leadership of the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency for seeing this through. We are also proud as an administration to have made the necessary investments in that regard.

“Health insurance scheme boosts life expectancy of our people, promotes good health, and ultimately strengthens the economy. It has the potential to prevent families from sudden fall into poverty as a result of unforeseen health crisis.

“The insurance scheme takes care of basic health issues before they become complicated. Studies have shown that most of the health issues found in secondary and tertiary health institutions arose majorly because they were not tackled on time.

“I, therefore, urge people in the formal and informal sectors — who are to pay a token as their own premium — to enrol in the scheme. It is cheap, affordable, accessible, and is supported by carefully selected functional facilities and committed medical experts in the state”, the Governor said.

KWSG Unveils Health Insurance Scheme for Residents
KWSG Unveils Health Insurance Scheme for Residents

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