Happy Birthday to the OtoGe Warrior, Bode Towoju

Happy Birthday to the OtoGe Warrior, Bode Towoju

By – Raheem Adedoyin

He is younger in age but he is my buddy. If I hear “Egbon” in my sleep, I know the caller would have to be Bode Towoju who has a way of saluting me.

I have known Bode for over a decade but we came into close contact, first marginally in 2011, fully in 2015 and very very closely in 2017.

In 2015, Bode aspired to go to the House of Representatives under the platform of then newly-minted All Progressives Alliance (APC). He was of the ACN (Action Congress of Nigeria) legacy party; the APC leadership in the state was in the firm grip of Leader of the PDP that joined the APC alliance. The Leadership determined who got what. Bode stood no chance.

OtoGe struggle brought out the progressive credentials and fighting spirit of BT. He was daring, being among the few courageous APC Chieftains that organised a parallel APC Congress in Kwara in 2018. He was one of the less than a dozen APC Chieftains on the high table at the Arca Center venue of the parallel congress.

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Bode was involved in the pre-congress, coup- like meeting that took place in Lagos and the contentious meetings that I hosted at my residence in Ilorin that threw up Party Chairman Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa (BOB) and some other party officers.

Bode Towoju led one of the most potent APC gubernatorial campaign (SY Abdullahi’s) organisations in Kwara. As Director-General of SY Campaign, he not only produced a formidable platform, he was a thorn in the flesh of the PDP leadership in the state.

Although not in government, Bode is easily one of the most visible supporters and promoters of the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq Administration.

I doff my hat. Happy Birthday to the OtoGe Warrior.

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