N1 billion FG COVID-19 donation already in revised 2020 budget - KWSG

N1 billion FG COVID-19 donation already in revised 2020 budget – KWSG

Kwara State Government has disclosed that the N1 billion Federal Government (FG) donation for COVID-19 has been earmarked for the renovation/equipping of health facilities across the state in the revised 2020 budget.

The Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the Governor, Rafiu Ajakaye made the disclosure Tuesday evening.

He said the funds allocated to states by the FG range from N10bn to N5bn and N1bn, adding that the N1bn allocated to Kwara will be judiciously utilized to revamp the State’s health sector.

The CPS hinted that plans are in the offing to modernize the existing Eye and Dental Clinics in the State.

“From this money (and financial donations made to the state for COVID-19), we also want to build a molecular lab in the state to strengthen Kwara’s capacity to deal with some diseases.

“The renal dialysis machine at the GHI cannot be used for persons with infectious diseases. From the money, the government wants to get more to service such persons as they are also entitled to the effective public health care system.

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“We are also short of advanced MRI/CT scan/X-ray machines to aid early diagnosis of such ailments like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and others. This would help Kwara and Kwarans a lot as the world records the prevalence of such diseases for which early detection is key.

“Besides, the government is also set to fix/equip some major general hospitals in Omu Aran; Lafiagi; Okuta; Offa; GHI; Sobi Specialist; Centre Igboro children hospital, and a few others,” he said.

Speaking on the alleged N1.1bn COVID-19 donation from World Bank, the CPS clarified that Kwara State received N100 million and not N1.1 billion as is being speculated and that the donation was announced some months ago.

He added that the N100m was for the World Bank’s Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE) programme and the fund was disbursed to the state through the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

“The purpose (training) for which the money was meant is already being coordinated by the World Bank/NCDC team,” he said.

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