KMC commences Local Government Development Agenda in Isin LG

KMC commences Local Government Development Agenda in Isin LG

The Isin local government chapter of a leading Pro-Democracy group, Kwara Must Change (KMC) has hosted a development agenda parley, to dissect developmental challenges of the local government and come up with a roadmap for development at the local level.

Led by Isin local government coordinator of Kwara Must Change, Comrade Suraj Adeyemi, the group stated that the era of haphazard developmental approach at the local government level has never helped the local government and the need for holistic approach can not be overemphasized.

Speaking during the parley, Comrade Suraj Adeyemi said, “it is a disservice to ourselves as a local government, that we have to wait for the state government to come and identify our challenges and our areas of priority.

“It is even more disheartening that when state government expresses interest in doing something at the local government, we do not have any plan that we can present to them as our priority so that state intervention can meet our needs for development.”

Comrade Suraj maintained that the absence of a development agenda is leaving the local government directionless, a situation that Kwara Must Change is determined to change.

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He concluded that “going forward, we will dissect our issues across the various sectors in the local government, identify the challenges, prioritize our needs, outline the opportunities and present our agenda to all appropriate stakeholders.

“This will ensure that all interventions are in line with our people’s need and done in a sustainable manner.”

People from various wards and communities across the local govt participated in the program, where all Developmental issues such as road infrastructure, healthcare, education, agriculture etc were extensively deliberated upon by the participants.

At the end of the parley, Comrade Suraj who is a geologist, brought to fore, the issue of solid minerals in the local government and he urges the state government to prioritize development of solid minerals.

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