Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha: Gone but not Forgotten

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha: Gone but not Forgotten

By – Opeyemi Glory

The year 2020 ended on a sad note for the popular Mustaphas’ family of Isale Aluko, Ilorin West Local Government, Kwara State, following the demise of a jewel of inestimable value, Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha.

The death of Alhaja Hassanat on 31st December, 2020, created a huge vacuum that would be difficult to fill.

However, one takes solace in the fact that mama left behind an indelible mark that cannot be erased.

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha was an epitome of humility and a woman of impeccable character. She was accommodating, passionate, generous, hardworking and resourceful.

Mama was a woman of great stature. In her lifetime, she nurtured and mentored so many great men and women who are forces to be reckoned with in the society today.

Periscoping the life of Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha will further help one  to appreciate this great woman of valour.

Early Life

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha was born in 1935 to the families of late Alh. Muhammed Ishola (aka. Laila) and late Alimat Sadiya Ajike Gogoniyan of Orioko Compound Ilorin.

She attended the local Islamiyah School at Ile Baale (Magaji) Compound/Daudu compound at Bode Saadu where she learnt and mastered the Holy Quran.

She began her formal education at the Native Authority (N.A.) Primary School, Bode Saadu, in 1947. Upon the successful completion of her Primary education, she moved to Ilorin Middle School (now G.S.S. Ilorin) in 1953 for her secondary school education.

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape, being a resourceful woman, attended textile school at Oke Ebo Alaso, Ilorin, from 1954 to 1956. She mastered the craft to such an extent that she became successful at it.

Marital Life

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape tied the knot with Alhaji Shehu Usman Mustapha (Waali of Ilorin) in 1958. Their union was blessed with wonderful children: Alhaja Kehinde Toyin Baruba, Alhaja Taiye Bolake, Hon. Mashood Mustapha (MM), Alh. A. U. Mustapha (SAN), Alh. Abdulkabir Mustapha, Alhaja Rasheeda Idris, Alh. Mustapha (Alfa Nla), Alhaja Monsurat Agunbiade and Alhaja Fausat Iyinolakan, as well as adorable Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.

Working Experience

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha was very passionate about education right from her early years. Thus, when the time was right, she took up a career in the field of education.

In 1966, she was employed as a Grade II teacher and one of the pioneer teachers at the Native Authority  (N.A.) Primary School, Share. She taught for some years in the following schools: Agbeyangi, Alapa, Okelele and Pakata.

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha switched from active teaching service when she was posted to Ilorin Teacher’s College as Matron in 1972. She was transferred to Government High School Ilorin in 1984 from where she retired. However, her kind service to humanity was an endless goal till death.

Not only was Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha well educated, but she was also well-travelled. She visited the Holy land several times to perform the Holy Hajj and Umra. She had also been to Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the UAE.

Alhaja Alarape was a very pious woman in her lifetime. She always emphasized the need for the fear of Allah (SWT) and respect for elders. She dedicated her life to the worship of Allah, service to humanity and also contributed immensely to the propagation of Islam. She made tremendous impacts everywhere she went.

She was a member of many Islamic organizations such as: NASFAT, AL-IKHLAS society of Nigeria, TAOHEED, and ANSARUL ISLAM SOCIETY OF NIGERIA. She was also a member of the council of Elders, NASFAT; foundation member TAOHEED and Iya Adini of Al- Ikhlas, Jamatul Asalatu – Ago and Emir’s Palace and many more.

In appreciation of her piety and service to humanity, mama received lots of awards: Ummu Mumini (Mother of Believers) by the Islamic Youth Organization, Orioko Youth Development Association Ilorin, Ajijola Adini of Muslim Charitable Women Association of Nigeria.

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha held onto her beliefs and trained her children to follow the path which Almighty Allah has created. The impact of her training and teachings on her children cannot be overemphasized. She will be sorely missed.

Her husband, Alh. Usman Mustapha (Wali of Ilorin) in his tribute, stated that She was a wonderful wife whom he, In Sha Allah, wishes to reunite with in aljanah firdaus.

Today marks the 8th day that Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha was committed to mother earth.

Though mama is gone, she will not be forgotten.

We pray that Allah forgives her sins and grant her Aljana Firdaus. (Ameen)

Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha: Gone but not Forgotten
Alhaja Hassanat Alarape Mustapha
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