Again, critics come for actress Rahama Sadau for revealing her skin

Again, actress Rahama Sadau under fire for revealing her skin

Nigerian Actress, Rahama Sadau has once again been called out by religious conservatives on Twitter for revealing her skin in new photo.

A picture posted on Twitter by the actress on 10th January, 2021, showed herself and a friend, Shabnam, posing for the camera. In the picture, Rahama wore a dress which slightly revealed some parts of her shoulder while her hair was left uncovered.

Again, actress  Rahama Sadau under fire for exposing her skin
L-R: Rahama Sadau and Shabnam

That, however, did not go down well with religious conservatives who believed her dressing is not in line with the Islamic mode of dressing.

Recall that in November 2020, the Nigerian movie star was heavily criticized by the Nigerian Muslim community for wearing an outfit that exposed her bareback.

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