Kwara APC Crisis: Sen. Ashiru calls for caution

Kwara APC Crisis: Sen. Ashiru calls for caution

The senator representing Kwara South Senatorial district, Oyelola Ashiru has urged members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State to be cautious amidst the raging crisis in the party.

Addressing some party faithful across Kwara South, who came to visit him in his Offa residence, Senator Ashiru bemoaned the potential damage the festering could the party and its developmental agenda. He made an allusion to when two elephants fight, the grass becomes barren; he likened the grass to the party.

He disavowed unending bitter disagreements among leaders in the party.

“When the fight is prolonged, the party may lose cohesion, unity, strength which might result in the loss of the support of a significant proportion of the populace. This situation foretells a double electoral gain for the opposition

“The fundamental things that we have achieved as progressives in the current political dispensation include being able to reinvent ourselves, institutionalising democracy and installing good governance. But if we continue to indulge in bitter intra-party fight, we might lose all these gains and strengths which will be calamitous for the people of Kwara State,” Ashiru said.

The senator described the ongoing feud as a passing phase in a democracy, but enjoined everyone to remain calm and sacrifice their ego, adding that an end to this current crisis is in sight.

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