MM: We Must Celebrate O - Raheem Adedoyin

MM: We Must Celebrate O – Raheem Adedoyin

By his own design, there won’t be any Birthday celebration for Moshood Mustapha (MM) today. He sneaked into Ilorin yesterday, held an all-night interactive session with TeamMM where he preached the gospel of AA Administration but was off Kwara this morning before anyone would conscript him into a Birthday bash.


But MM won’t have his wish full: others are doing it for him, anyway.


I teased MM last week about marking his birthday, saying since Maigida, Kale and himself are in Abuja, I would join them in the federal capital city for a lively birthday hang-out for him.

His response was sobering: “Raheem, you know we are still mourning my mum.”


” My Mum”. Hmm, so resonating. MM and the Mum. Unknown to many, MM was a shadow of his boisterous self in the wake of Mama’s death. He was too devastated, so depressed that his living room in his residence in Ilorin turned to an emergency medical facility. His children kept a 24-hrs vigil and took turns to nurse him back to real life. Thank you Mohammed, Rilwan, Mariam and Abdulrahman.


I still stare at a picture of him stretched out on the sofa, evoking concern and fear. Good to have him back.


No matter what, we must celebrate today. InshaAllahu.


Happy Birthday, Buddy.




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