Raheem Adedoyin receives jab of COVID-19 Vaccine

Raheem Adedoyin receives jab of COVID-19 Vaccine

A journalist of high repute cum stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State, Oloriewe Raheem Adedoyin has received a jab of the COVID-19 Vaccine, encouraging others to follow suit.


Adedoyin, speaking on Friday , said: “I was vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday. I have waited for over 72 hrs to make this disclosure so as to report any side effects as widely feared; there has been none – and there will be none, InshaAllahu.


“I’m amazed by not just the apathy to the vaccination by even knowledgeable people but the outright falsehood and scaremongering about its negative effect.


“Leaders, Stakeholders who should themselves be poster boys for the Covid 19 vaccine advocacy are themselves creating the apathy.


“I have taken the vaccine for two reasons: first as a necessity for a frequent international traveller that I am; and secondly to show that it is safe and everyone should get it.”


Adedoyin certified the vaccine as safe and encouraged everyone to get a jab.


Raheem Adedoyin receives jab of COVID-19 Vaccine
Oloriewe Raheem Adedoyin getting vaccinated


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