Before and After: The inspiring transformation of amputee Lagos hawker

Before and After: The inspiring transformation of amputee hawker

Mary Daniel, an amputee hawker whose inspiring story came to the limelight a few weeks ago, clocks 27 today.


To mark her 27th birthday, kind-hearted Nigerians came together to beautifully adorn Mary and give her a nice photo shoot.


The heart-melting story of Mary Daniel, an amputee hawker in Lagos State, Nigeria, came to the fore after her pictures went viral on social media.


In the picture, Mary was seen standing on one leg with her crutches supporting her on the other side. On her head was a sizeable bowl that contained some table water which she sold to make ends meet.


Fortune, however, smiled on her after some well wishers picked interest in her situation and drew the attention of well-meaning Nigerians to her plight.


Within few a days, donations were made to the tune of N14 million.


To ensure Mary’s safety, Lagos State Government gave her a temporary shelter pending the conclusion of plans to get her an apartment and set her up business-wise.


Mary, a hardworking, resilient and resourceful mother of 1, was discovered few weeks after moving to Lagos in search of greener pastures.


In an exclusive interview with Punch Newspapers, Mary narrated how her ambition of becoming a lawyer was cut short due to an accident she had in 2006 of which she was the only surviving passenger on the bus.


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Following the death of her parents and the loss of her leg in the gruesome accident, Mary dropped out of Junior Secondary School 3.


She took to the streets in Onitsha, Anambra State, selling sachet water to cater to herself and her aged grandmother based in Ayingba.


She was impregnated in 2018 by a man who denied responsibility, forcing her to relocate to Delta State out of shame.


Mary relocated to Lagos some weeks ago, hawking bottled water in the chaotic Lagos traffic and passing the night on the balcony of a building on Suwebatu Street, Oshodi.


The inspiring transformation story of Mary Daniel depicts the reward of hardwork and resilience.


Before and After: The inspiring transformation of amputee hawker
Beautiful and radiant Mary Daniel



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