10th Assembly: What should Kwara Southerners look out for?

10th Assembly: What should Kwara Southerners look out for?

As the 2023 general elections draw closer, The Kwara Tabloid’s Tunde Bakare carried out a random sampling of opinions on what the electorates of Kwara South should be on the lookout for in choosing their next set of legislators in order to avoid the present and past pitfalls.

This is the first of three excerpts:

What we should look out for is the party with the most synergy.

Many people do not realize that the duties of a legislator require team work. It is not a job for someone who lacks the capacity to carry others along, especially fellow lawmakers from the zone. Those who are either not accessible or are never true to their words will only make horrible legislators. We have an example on our hands as I speak.

As such, what we should be looking out for is the party that parades candidates who are campaigning as a group, the party candidates with the most profound synergy.

Kwara South has one senator, two representatives and about 7 House of Assembly members. I don’t see why they cannot campaign as a group. The example we see in the party where a serving current House of Representative member was campaigning to unseat another party member in the senate is clear demonstration that they are not working in synergy. That accounts partly for the almost total absence of legislative dividends in Kwara South in the outgoing National Assembly. It starts from the time they are campaigning.

Alhaji Hamza Aremu


We need somebody who is humane, experienced.

So far, I hear that three or four candidates have emerged. As a notable figure in my community, I won’t like to name names. But it is easy for us all to see which of them is humane and approachable. We all know the ones who are involved in their present philanthropic activities just to drive their aspirations. Perhaps they think we are unwise.

It is easy to know where my own community stands. As a matter of fact, the whole community is for the man who stood by us when we needed assistance to reconstruct our Town Hall which was affected by a storm. We got prompt positive response from a man who is now aspiring back to the seat we assisted him to lose. The man we elevated to the same seat deceived everybody including our revered traditional ruler. I hear he never says no. only he never fulfils the promises. I won’t say more.



There are only two parties we are considering.

As far we are concerned here in Amoyo, there are only two parties we are considering voting for in the coming National Assembly contest. I am talking about the PDP because of Rafiu Ibrahim who was there before and SDP because of Wale Suleiman who I hear just came back from America and has being of tremendous assistance to many of our youths here even in his private capacity. Apart from these two, I know not of any other Party or contestants.

With the benefit of hindsight, if I am to give you a rundown of what my community benefitted from Rafiu Ibrahim when he was in the House of Assembly through to when he became a senator, you will see why I am of this opinion which is widespread here. Myself and many other individuals benefitted tremendously from his numerous interventionist programmes between 2011 and 2019. As such, the only other person we know that is running against him against is Wale Suleiman who I hear has also been doing wonderfully well in his private capacity. Only thing we have to do is to wait to see and hear from him. It will be difficult to change our mind here though because of what we know about Ibrahim.

However, since you are asking about all the legislators we shall be electing in Kwara South, I should just say that the emergence of these two will shape how we vote eventually. The influence of Rafiu and Wale will definitely rub off on the other candidates that will run for the various other legislative positions under their parties.

Hajia Mairo Alamoyo


Kwara South needs only individuals that can write and present bills.

In 2023, we shall be voting for only legislators who can make laws that will better our lot in Kwara South. You will agree with me that we lack that presently. I am sure you have seen the list of lawmakers in the 9th Kwara State House of Assembly that either presented bills or moved any motions in 3 years. You must have seen how woefully Kwara South performed in the ranking. The only fresh bill that was presented was not from a Kwara South member.

Moving up to the House Representatives, we all saw the lavish party that one of our representatives hosted in Lagos while we willow in hunger here. Their representative from the other side, I hear, is simply not even there. The one that hosted party and built mansion while we starve is better than that one in a way then. Our present senator is better off in an executive position or as a businessman. I didn’t hear of any tangible bill from him. Not like we heard about the senator from Kwara Central, Ibrahim Oloriegbe.

All we need now are lawmakers who know the rudiments of the task ahead.

Elder Silas Babajide Adejonwo


We need a progressive.

You know I am from Ajase-Ipo and you are asking me this question? Who do you want me to talk about apart from my brother who is from here, Prof Wale Suleiman. If I have my way, I will swear him in immediately.

However, I cannot under rate the influence of, Nuru Banu, also our great son from Ajase who is of the PDP. I hear he has been making contact on behalf his party’s candidates. In a way, that dampens my enthuthiasm. Both Rafiu and Nuru Banu enjoy tremendous good will here and beyond.

For now, all I can say is that we are waiting for campaigns to start and we are want the most progressive of the contestants to win.

Alhaji Sikiru Shittu


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