2023: Kwara SDP Dismisses Claim of Late Submission of Membership Register

2023: Kwara SDP Dismisses Claim of Late Submission of Membership Register

The Kwara State chapter of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has dismissed the claim of late submission of the party’s membership register to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

A Post from an anonymous ‘Medium’ which was shared on social media on Monday, claimed that the “Kwara SDP held its primary in May 2022, but did not submit its register until October 2022, five months after per a document sighted by our medium, a clear violation of the provision of the law.”

The ‘medium’ added that the “leaders of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Kwara State are in panic mode as report has emerged they flew to Abuja in an almost fruitless effort of salvaging their party’s primary whose fate hangs in the balance.”

But in a release from the Party’s spokesperson, Oluwasegun Abifarin in Ilorin on Wednesday, the SDP dismissed what it described as the latest round of pranks by a sinking opponent holding desperately to a straw in the delusion of staying afloat.

The party stressed that its Register of members had been sent to the INEC’s headquarters in Abuja within the stipulated time before its primary election of either May 25th or May 30th, 2022. It asserted that the copy of the letter “sighted by the medium” was a copy which was requested by the State INEC.

The SDP further disclosed that a senior official of the State INEC has recanted the “late submission” story being peddled by “the medium”.

It therefore dismissed all the exaggerated claims of “rancor, panic, and controversy” contained in the write-up and assured its teeming supporters that there is no cause for alarm as far as the 2023 election is concerned.

The Party maintained that the SDP represents the new face of Kwara progress where all residents will benefit from its shared prosperity asserted that it is the latest ray of hope to restore to glory of the state and return power to the people of Kwara.

It recalled that as the 2023 elections draw closer, the galloping white horse symbol of the Social Democratic Party SDP has continued to attract supporters from every part of the State and this has set off the panic button and alarm in the camps of both the ruling party and the other parties.

It added that just last Saturday, hundreds of members of the All Progressive Congress, APC dropped their brooms and migrated to the camp of the SDP during the party’s inauguration of its Campaign Council in Ilorin, the State capital.

Similar things had happened recently in both Kwara South and Kwara North Senatorial Districts, all which had sent the opponents into a bout of convulsion.

Oluwasegun Abifarin

Head of Media and Communication

SDP Campaign Organisation. 01-11-22

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