Kwara SDP Disassociates Candidate, Party from Fictitious Online Polls

Kwara SDP Disassociates Candidate, Party from Fictitious Online Polls

The Kwara State chapter of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has disassociated its party and candidate, Alhaji Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal from the fraudulent online poll conducted by one ANAP Foundation, describing it as concocted, fictitious and one lacking in integrity expected of an independent survey.

This is contained in a press statement by the Deputy Media Director, Kwara SDP Gubernatorial Campaign Council, Abdulrasheed Akogun.

The statement stressed that the SDP is the fastest growing political party in the State, with impressive acceptability that has positioned the party for victory in the 2023 polls.

According to the statement, the SDP represents the new face of Kwara progress which all residents will benefit from.

“We are the shared prosperity. Our party is the latest ray of hope to restore glory of the state and return power to the people of Kwara,” the statement noted.

It added, “The party has continued to receive thousands of decampees from the ruling APC and opposition PDP on a daily basis. We’re focused on commencing our local government campaign tour, all geared towards consolidating on our growing acceptance and cement our rightful place in the heart of Kwarans.

“The 2023 elections in Kwara will be decided by the Kwara electorates and not a fictitious platform lacking in any credibility whatsoever to even contemplate conducting an opinion poll.

“ANAP can’t give a credible and reliable opinion poll because it not only lacks credibility, its previous endeavors shows its polls are often subjective, lacks reliability and trust which is supposed to be the hallmark of any opinion poll.

“The Kwara SDP has assembled a star-studded campaign council of tested hands, with unflinching pro-masses leanings and we’ve put all necessary machinery in motion to win the 2023 elections with a margin that will clear the doubt of naysayers.

“We would have been fretting if ANAP had predicted/forecasted the SDP as the would-be winner of the 2023 polls, owing to its history of always picking the eventual losers of polls as winners. ANAP is known for working and walking anti-clockwise to the realities.”

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