Lanwa/Ejidongari Constituency: Dunmoye rolls out manifesto

Lanwa/Ejidongari Constituency: Dunmoye rolls out manifesto

Labour Party (LP) candidate for Lanwa/Ejidongari Constituency for the 2023 Kwara State House of Assembly elections, Dunmoye Ayobami Yahaya has rolled out his manifesto.

In statement made available to the press, Dunmoye said:

“Since I answered the call of the entire people of Lanwa/Ejidongari Constituency, in their quest for better and quality representation in the Kwara State House of Assembly, I DUNMOYE Ayobami Yahaya, son of the soil reiterated my commitment to bring quality, effective and inclusive representation to the people.

“We have witnessed in the past different kinds of representation from different representatives. This is not the time to play or experiment. Support, and Vote for a candidate that will represent your interest, listen to you, and make laws that’ll improve the living conditions of the people.

“I have advanced the causes and interacted with people across the communities.
Now is the time to walk the talk in Lanwa/Ejidongari. Support and vote for me to represent Lanwa/Ejidongari at the Kwara State House of Assembly.

“As a young and vibrant youth, that has lived a great part of my life in our constituency, I have borne the brunt of lacklustre representation and I know where the pains are. I stand for doggedness, accountability, diligence, and honesty. I can assure the people of the Lanwa/Ejidongari constituency that I am here to serve and protect their interests.

“As a son of the soil, if given the mandate to serve I will bring the dividend of democracy to your doorstep and get solutions to our challenges.”

Dunmoye noted that his core areas of focus when elected will include:

1. Quality Representation

2. Active participation in Legislative matters and Law Making.

3. Support for the Education sector (Scholarship for the students in the constituency).

4. Facilitation of meaningful Infrastructure to our constituency.

6. Life-changing and impactful empowerment programs.

“I am Hon. Dunmoye Ayobami, ready to serve, ready to be responsible, I give an assurance not promises,” he added.

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