Gov. Umahi backs Tinubu's presidency, says going to court is a waste of time

Gov. Umahi backs Tinubu’s presidency, says going to court a waste of time

Ebonyi State governor, David Umahi, has said no power can deprive the President-elect, Bola Tinubu of his mandate.

Umahi made the assertion in Abakaliki on Tuesday.

According to him, those seeking to upturn the victories at the tribunal are simply wasting their time and resources.

He advised those thinking they would rob Tinubu of his mandate to have a re-think because he cannot be stopped.

He said, “When people say they are going to Court or going to tribunal, I just laugh because there is no power or force that can remove Tinubu from being the President of Nigeria.

“This is because the time God would have stopped him, God allowed him. Because God allowed him, no man can stop him.

“And this extreme politics should be de-emphasized in Nigeria, so we can move forward for a better Nigeria.”

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