Estranged wife of Achraf Hakimi fails to get alimony

Estranged wife of Achraf Hakimi fails to get alimony

Hiba Abouk, the estranged wife of Paris Saint-German (PSG) defender, Achraf Hakimi, has failed to get any alimony following a divorce application she filed over allegations of infidelity.

Hiba approached the court to seek the dissolution of their marriage and demanded half of the PSG star’s property in divorce settlement, however, it was discovered that he had no assets.

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Hakimi had registered all his properties and assets under his mother, Sadia Mouth’s name, so legally, he is not worth a dime on paper.

When Abouk, 36, took her 24-year-old husband to court, she expected to get an equal share of his €70 million upon separation, but she was informed that documents showed his assets all belong to his mother.

Hakimi receives €1 Million from PSG monthly but 80% of this is deposited in his mother’s account.

The PSG star had earlier been accused of rape by a 24-year-old woman he invited to his matrimonial home when his wife and the family were in Dubai.

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