Kwara SDP Stalwart, Manko Speaks on Political Journey

Kwara SDP Stalwart, Manko Speaks on His Political Journey

The candidate for Kwara North Senatorial District under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the 2023 general elections, Alhaji Adamu Attahiru Manko has disclosed that the reason for his voyage into politics was to help the people grow and add value to the society.

Manko, who is the son of a notable political figure in Patigi local government of Kwara state, Alhaji Attahiru Manko made this disclosure during interaction with members of the Association of Kwara Online Media Practitioners (ASKOMP), at his Ilorin residence on Sunday.

“My coming into politics was accidental, it was as a result of pressure and calls from people, especially from those I don’t know outside my senatorial district. It took a lot of effort to convince me, before I decided to venture into politics to help other people grow and add value to our society.

“We complain about the bad state of affairs, but if we don’t join politics and continue to sit on the fence, there’s no way we can support in addressing societal problems. I believe I can do a little outside government, I believe I would be able to do more if I stop sitting on the fence and join the system. Because since I started offering help to people in my own modest way, the pressure has been enormous”, he stressed.

Manko who asserted that he has been helping people across Kwara state also noted that while some people may join politics with the aim of buying houses, build cars, travel abroad and enjoy luxurious life, God has blessed him with luxury of life, hence, his resolve to give back.

When asked about his present political leaning and what to expect from him in 2027, Manko noted that he remains in SDP and yet to join any other political party. In his words, “I am still consulting.”

“Everybody knows what happens in the last election, but whatever it was, Kwara first, because the State belongs to all of us.

“As at today, I think I am the last man standing and the reason for that was because we promoted SDP everywhere, we had followers and we can’t just jump ship without carrying those people along. If I do that, it will validate the unfounded rumors that somebody from Kwara Central was sponsoring me. So, that’s why I didn’t go when the tsunami happened and people were going there to snap pictures”, he said.

With respect to 2027 elections, Manko said “Anything can happen, 2027 is still far. There are so many positions in Kwara state, anything can happen.”

When asked to assess the performance of Kwara state Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, the Patigi born businessman said his prayer is for anyone in government to succeed and not castigate them.

“As a Muslim, we are admonished to pray for our leaders. If I should start insulting Rahman (Kwara state Governor) today, what if I am in same party with him tomorrow? So, I can only pray for him.

“Of course, we all know we are suffering in Kwara state, but we can only pray for him to be able to do more of whatever he has done. Because God put him there. So, as followers, we have to pray for our leaders if we believe in Kwara.

Manko equally emphasized the power of advancing mutual understanding between the people of Kwara North, South and Central senatorial districts and not fight, in the quest for political fairness, justice and equity.

“Although Kwara belongs to all of us, other districts have some advantages over us, so we have to lobby them and make them have understanding and that is why I have friends across the three senatorial districts.”

Speaking about his political experience, although still learning the ropes, Manko said he has learnt a lot from his father as the first child of the family.

“I thought my dad was a herbalist when I was young because people were always coming from different villages. We didn’t know it was actually politics then. We hardly had time to interact with our own dad because of politics.

“Later, Ibrahim Attahiru decided to join him. However, whatever happens, we sit to discuss with our dad. I learn the ability to manage the good and terrible people and situations in politics. But I understand what is important is sincerity”, he added.

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