Nabeeha's Uncle Narrates How Her Abductors Murdered Her

Nabeeha’s Uncle Narrates How Her Abductors Murdered Her

One of Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar’s uncles, Sherifdeen, has narrated what the kidnappers who abducted his nieces told the family before showing them the corpse of the murdered lady.

Nabeeha, her five sisters and their father were abducted by kidnappers in their residence in the Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), but she (Nabeeha) was unfortunately killed on Saturday by the kidnappers who were said to have demanded the sum of N60 million ransom for their release.

Another uncle of the deceased, Alhaji Abdulfatai, who was with the police during an effort to rescue the abductees, was gunned down by the kidnappers, while two among the three injured policemen hit by bullets during the fire exchange reportedly died.

Nabeeha’s uncle, Sherifdeen, who has been involved in the rescue efforts, said the kidnappers were infuriated when they told them they had raised half of the N60 million ransom.

He said, “On Friday which was the day the deadline they gave us lapsed, they called and we tried to plead and negotiate with them that we were only able to raise close to N30 million. After back and forth, they instructed us to come and receive a ‘message’ at a location in the night.

“But when we got there around past 10 pm, what we saw was shocking. Nabeeha and three other victims were brutally murdered and we have to go with her corpse and leave the other three bodies there who might also be victims of failed negotiation because we believe their people are also coming for them. It was a heartless scenario.

“They later called and warned that they would be killing the rest of the siblings if the ransom which they have increased to N100 million, N20 million each for the five of them remaining is not met on the next deadline on Wednesday.

“They rejected the close to N30m that we took to them. They were furious and resulted in further insults and threats that we were even pleading with them for N65m or N70m which we don’t even have.”

He called on the state and President Bola Tinubu’s administration to come to the rescue of the remaining five siblings of Nabeeha and all the captives still in the custody of the kidnappers to prevent another tragedy.

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